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Aloha Tara,
My name is Professor Gary Lee and Founder of the Museum of Sport Karate , first of all I am a fan of your product and I have thought about this .
This is going to be one of my biggest events ever .I have been lucky enough to produce nineteen events and honor many American hero's J.Pat Burleson , Bill "Superfoot" Wallace, Chuck Norris just to name a few , I am very humbled for I came from Hawaii as a child and have spent most of my childhood up in front of the pioneer's eyes.
Now I am in a position to honor a whole group of pioneers in martial arts all around the country and I would like to feature a BIG BLUE with every person who does the Grand Master Frank Dux Seminar, I like the Navy Seals Pocket knife too.
Tara and Mr. Frost, Mr. Dux is a very special person and celebrity ,keeping it simple , the movie "Blood Sport" starring Jean -Claude Van dam was his life story , he help developed the TACTICAL MANUEL for Navy Seals Team ,expert knife master teacher and travels the world sharing his experience.
I am sending you details of the event .I would like a banner and any marketing tools , catalogs ,special flyer s ,anything to show you I appreciate your product , I will advertise all the way up to the event ,eight months ,I would like forty Big Blues for Frank's Seminar to give away for each student and a nice knife of your choice to Raffle off for the Museum of Sport Karate. I also have ten founding members of the Black Dragon Fighting Society  I would like to give them each a special knife for the memory of the event , a Mr. Frost Special for the old timers.
Thank you for the opportunity to share and I hope I may represent Mr. Frost and Frost Cutlery at my pioneer event and remember everyone of my guest carry's a knife, let me introduced them to Frost Cutlery.
I am excited to have you let me share my interest and I will make you proud.
if you type any search engine and write professor Gary Lee / Karate all my events come up !
Have a blessed day.
Professor Gary Lee
Museum of Sport Karate
Staff Writer Official Karate Magazine
Staff Writer Masters Hall of Fame Magazine
Staff Writer Martial Force Magazine
Karate Masters Hall of Fame
Board of Advisers       
The Gathering, Super Star Black Dragon Fighting Society Expo ,Seminars , Dinner and Super Show , your invited!!!
Exciting News !!!!
Update!! Update!! Update!! Update!!
The Gathering , October 12th , 13th Houston ,Texas South West Hilton, Call early Rooms will go Fast - Code Word DRAGON for V.I.P rate!
The IFAA and Black Dragon Fighting Society in association with the Museum of Sport Karate proudly presents
Confirmed Black Dragon Fighting Society Grand Masters, Lawrence Day, Frank W. Dux, Ernie Reynolds, Irving Soto, Ron Pierce, Ashida Kim, Jim Mack Gary Amen and Grand Master Felkoff will be at the Gathering!
The Gathering Special Invited Guest from around the world! Dana Abbott, J.Pat Burleson, Jamie Cashion, Sergio Calbales, Troy Dorsey, Zulfi Ahmed, Ron Lindsey, Deddy Mansyur, Danny McCall, Andrew Linick, Roy D. Kurban, Ishmael Robles, Al Garza, Daryl Stewart, Bruce Brutschy, Jeff Shadoin, Dann Baker, Moses Williams, Willie Galvan, Ricky Smith, Linda Denley, Joshua St. Ives,Tony Lopez, Ron Collins, Philip Bradley, George Bishop, John Natividad and many others !!!!!!!
The Black Dragon Fighting Society Black Belt Expo, Dinner, Super Show performances Master Demonstrations Saturday evening $100 contact Museum for show / dinner tickets ****832-315-5585
Schedule Friday October 12
8:00 am - 6:00 p m a seminar every hour and half though out the day $45 per seminar or package of three** $120 Schedule of Super Seminars and times subject to change.
BLACK DRAGONS FIGHTING SOCIETY EXPO OPENS, Vendors, Vendors, Vendors, and more cool stuff !!
Special Room 8:00 am Ron Collins 6th Dan , deciding to make the change to Ninja technique and approach, street approach attitude!
9:00 am Gary Amen 10th Dan, Street Tactical self defense, advanced technique, street awareness!
10:30 am Ron Pierce 9th Dan, Kajukenbo advance masters class, open to all students of Kempo or Kenpo!
12:00 p m Dr Day's Black Belts, John Keenan's "Dance of Death Seminar!, where it came from , how to execute it!
1:00 p m Hanshi Frank Dux** a amazing individual martial artist , one of a kind , ahead of his time!, the Master !
Life story was based on the movie "Bloodsport" Come meet the Legend!
10th Dan,Tactical Knife technique offense and defense!  a free Black Tactical Knife* Frost Cutlery Big Blue with class! 3:00 p m Shihan Dana Abbott, Black Belt Magazine Hall of Fame beginner, advanced sword technique and etiquette!
4:30 p m Ashida Kim , IN PERSON!!!!!! Master Ninja, advanced technique and approach to real combat!!
6:00 p m Welcome V.I.P Gathering in the Atrium
7:00 p m High Dan Black Belt Test**** This will be for 4th Dan or higher ,if some one is interested in TESTING UNDER THIS ONCE IN A LIFETIME Black Belt Board of pioneers! , please contact the Museum of Sport Karate
832-315-5585 Office
Saturday October 13
Black Dragon Fighting Society V.I.P CLOSED MEETING 9:00 AM - 1:00 P M
Two seminars going at once Stage one ***** Stage two 8:00 a m Ron Collins , beginning Ninja open * open
9:00 a m Deddy Mansyur Shotokan basics * Kajukenbo Masters
10:30 a m Ron Lindsey , White Crane open * open
12:00 p m Bushiiban Sam Hoger , UFC basics * open
1:30 p m open Shihan Dana Abbott * open
3:00 Set up for Dinner and Super Show, Fellowship Awards, presentations and Classical performances
************************************************************* Saturday 5:00 - 6:00 pm Music entertainment Museum History General Guy James.
Guest Speaker Master Jamie Cashion *** The vision of the Museum of Sport Karate
Dr. Lawrence Day, our leader has something to say to the Museum of Sport Karate and Black Dragons!
SPECIAL ACKNOWLEDGEMENT to Grand Master Irving Soto ** Winner of the KUMITE
Nominated and will be inducted into the Society by Dr. Lawrence Day and the Black Dragon Fighting Society will be Ms. Linda Denley, J.Pat Burleson, Zulfi Ahmed, Bruce Brutschy, Danny McCall, Tony Lopez, Troy Dorsey, Moses Williams, Daryl "Bigfoot" Stewart, Richard Dixon R.I.P
Welcome new Black Dragons Fighting Society Members !!
Dinner and Super Show performing sixteen time NBL Champion Bear Loebe and the Texas Super Stars, Master Performer Grand Master Irving Soto, Grand Master Ron Lindsey and Master student Charlie Dean, Grand Master Philip Bradley and George Bishop from England , Master Deddy Mansyur, Master Instructor from the University of Houston Shotokan, Master Tony Torres, Black Belt Kata Specialist, Bushiban's Gary Carico, Great Balls of Fire!, Japanese Dragon Team, Little Ro Paul ,Top Texas Ten Junior will perform!! awards, inductions, and special surprises . after party Ball room
Fellowship Awards and special community service recognition, Top Texas Ten Black Belt Ratings awards , the honor and privilege to have the eight founding members together!
Rare Items of Sport Karate, rare Japanese Samurai prints and History AUCTION and SILENT RARE AUCTION
Super Seminars Series Confirmed for October 12 th and 13th
Ashida Kim, pioneer , Master teacher, master writer Ninja Authority ,one of the true legends of our time in American Karate History, book signing, Seminar on Ninja technique and weapons attitude ****Friday, special room
Ron Pierce will head the Kajukenbo Warriors with a group seminar of some of the best Kajukebo Masters in America, all welcome***** Friday, special room Saturday morning , Ballroom
Gary Amen, Tae Kwon Do street tactics in real situations Seminar, Friday, special room
Frank W. Dux will have a tactical Knife Seminar and has also agreed to have lunch with a lucky bidder from the Museum of Sport Karate Auction. Friday ,Special room
Dr. Lawrence Day ,Black Belts will perform and have a seminar on John Keenan's Dance of Death! Friday , Special room
Zulfi Ahmed and Bushsiban's MMA Staff with UFC Super Star Sam Hoger will do a Seminar at the Gathering! Saturday Ballroom
Deddy Mansyur, University of Houston Shotokan Master Instructor will have a Japanese Karate Seminar on the finer points of Kata and Kumite!, oss Saturday ,,Ballroom
Dana Abbott, Samurai Sports ,Black Belt Hall of Fame Sword Master will perform and sign his book and have a true Bushido Seminar!,, Friday ,special room. Saturday Ballroom
Ron Lindsey of the old school of Okinawa Karate, White Crane technique will have a book signing and performance / with SPECIAL GUEST Philip Bradley and George Bishop from England Seminar!,
Friday, Special room. Saturday Ball room
Ron Collins ,Ninja training , the beginning, how to get started , how to prepare for real combat situations Friday. Special room
Waiting on confirmation for other SEMINARS from Thunderbolt Kenpo,Troy Dorsey, Danny McCall , Amazing arrow in the neck seminar!!! Daniel Baker and the Kajukenbo Warriors, Moses Williams, Al Dacascos, Burt Vickers, Willie Galvan and others .
Wow!!, what a line up of international Karate men of our time!
http://www1.hilton.com/en_US/hi/hotel/HOUSWHF-Hilton-Houston-Southw... Mention the word Dragon and receive V.I.P rate for event!
www.centuryfitness.com for all your martial art needs!!
www.frostcutlery.com for all your pocket Knives and accessories
Professor Gary Lee http://www.garyleesamurai.printroom.com/ Gary Lee Japanese Samurai Prints These one of kind ,very rare Japanese Samurai Prints are for sale though the Museum of Sport Karate. These were drawn by Samurai in the 1600's and copied to a Gold book ,lost for years and collected and put away .The Museum of Sport Karate found this treasure and now we would like to share these magnificent rare prints.
The Gathering,, A weekend of sharing , teaching , memories , reunion, dinner, Kajukenbo Karate masters class headed up by 9th Dan Ron Pierce, Black Belt Test FRIDAY NIGHT , inductions over twelve martial art seminars from the masters, Auction , special guest speakers, performances of some of the most respected champion martial artist of our time, Classical performances by Master performer Gm Irving Soto, Grand Master of the White Crane Technique Grand Master Ron Lindsey and student Charlie Dean, World Class Competitor and master teacher of the University of Houston campus for over thirty years, oss , master Deddy Mansyur,Master Kata performer Tony Torres sixteen time NBL world champion Bear Lawrence Loebe, from England, Master performer Hanshi Philip Bradley and Kyoshi George Bishop , Special invited guest,J.Pat Burleson, Ashida Kim, Linda Denley, Troy Dorsey,Joshua St.Ives , Jim Willouby, Danny McCall, Bruce Brutschy, Jeff Shadoin,Willie Galvan, Dan Frazier , Burt Vickers, Dann Baker and many , many more OCTOBER 11th ,12th, 13th this will be a good time for all !
I promise, very honored to be a part of such a elite group ,when I talk to Dr. Lawrence Day or to Hanshi Frank W. Dux , I know my Guardian Angel sent me two great men to work with , I really believe my guardian Angel is Sid Campbell and Mako my sword teachers who taught me sword , They guide me though their spirit, I believe this. This event ,this Black Dragon Fighting Society event is for the elders in the society , bringing together a Gathering of great martial artist to show respect to Lineage they have given us .
Museum of Sport Karate Super Seminar Series**
Friday*** Ron Pierce, Ashida Kim , Frank Dux, Lawerence Day{Dance of Death}, Irving Soto, Ron Lindsey,Dana Abbott, Philip Bradley and George Bishop, Gary Amen, Ron Collins
Saturday*** V.I.P Black Dragon Fighting Society Meeting, Bushiban and UFC fighter Sam Hoger, Dana Abbott, Deddy Mansyur,Ron Lindsey ,Kajukenbo Masters Class,
Dinner show tickets go on sale February 1st , $100 includes dinner and super show! When you reserved your room, code word DRAGONS for V.I.P rate of $79.00 per night these are for Thursday , Friday and Saturday Rooms will sell fast
Mention the word Dragon and receive V.I.P rate for event!
Prepare yourself for the Gathering! Oss


Tale of 40 Brooms

The stories you are about to read are true and have been lived out by the Old Sensei. There are lessons to be learned at an early age and this is one of many.

I am nine years old and I have lived with Sensei now for three years on big WAKIKI. It was beautiful, a paradise for tropical wonders and man. The jungle, the beach and Martial Arts all blended into sort of a dream for me.

I had lost my parents when I was four years old and had to live with my uncle. He was a mean man and I didn’t like him. One night he hit me and beat me for not taking out the trash and I decided to run away. He was always screaming. I think he missed my dad. I really believe he was forced to take care of me.

Well, of course I didn’t go far before I was found and punished. I was told not to leave my little hut where I lived. You might say I was grounded without privileges.

Sand, ocean and jungle are not much for a six year old to do. Plus, I was extremely lonely and missed my parents. I remember sneaking out late at night, walking down to the huge ocean to sit at the edge of the water pretending to see the mainland and all the wonders I had read about in the magazines. We had no television, not even a radio, but even then I had dreams that one day I would leave this beach and start my journey.

One night I couldn’t sleep, so I went down to the beach and what I saw would change my life forever. In the ocean, late at night, in the crashing waves of Waikiki, I saw my first real Karate. Groups of black belts were in the ocean doing kata underneath the moonlight. I was overwhelmed and from that moment I knew what I wanted to be, a black belt, a real blackbelt.

The next morning I ask my uncle about the late night karate class. He was mad that I even knew about it. Nonetheless, I would go down to their workouts on the beach. I was only six years old and scared to death, but I knew this was my destiny.

I started to go everyday after school to the tiny little hut they called a dojo. No carpet, no mirrors, no air conditioning just a tiny hut, thirty foot by thirty foot in size with sand all around.

Soon, I was there every day and night. Then one day, Sensei Kishi told me I would be staying with him instead of my uncle. I really don’t know all of the details, but Sensei would be training me and sending me to school. I guess I was traded for something, I never found out. Even on my uncle’s deathbed he would not tell me.

Now I am training everyday and night studying Budo. The first real lesson you never forget and it stays with you forever. I had just finished my chores around the dojo and I wanted to go surfing with my friends. The wind had just picked up and the waves were breaking ten to fifteen feet off the north end of the shore. It was perfect!

I told Sensei Kishi I was done and I was going to go out in the water. He looked up at the sky and said, “No, bad weather coming, you not surf today, too dangerous, you stay and train.”

Well, it was the first time I ever argued with him. I didn’t really argue, I just kind of smarted off to him and said, “What? You don’t surf. All you do is karate. I need a break every now and then you know. I’m sick of training. All I do is train.”

It would be the last time, the only time I would ever raise my voice or smart off in a bad attitude to him again. Without hesitation or emotion Sensei Kishi said, “I want you to walk into town to the hardware store and see the manager, Mr. Williams. I need for you to pick up forty brooms and bring them back here before the storm comes.”

I never saw Sensei look at me like he did that day. It was like I had done something I had never done before and he was teaching me a lesson. Of course, I didn’t understand it at the time. I was mad because I could not go surfing and now I had to go pick up forty brooms in Honolulu, which was a ten-mile walk.

About half way down that sandy road to Honolulu I realized I didn’t know how I was going to carry the forty brooms back from town? Then it happened. The loudest thunderclap I have ever heard and then the rain came down. It was hard rain.

I was so mad I was crying. Why would he make me walk in a storm and why was I going to town to pick up forty brooms? I was so concerned with my own being I had forgotten about the lesson. The lesson was never question, just do and do without a bad attitude. Most of all it was about respect.

He knew the storm was coming and he knew I could have been killed in the waves. A couple of kids had drowned. He was just taking care of me like he had done for all these years. But still, what about the forty brooms?

I finally got to the hardware store, soaking wet and scared because I didn’t know what to expect. Mr. Williams had received a phone call and was expecting me when I walked in the store. He had put duct tape around both ends of the handles of the brooms so I could drag them back to the dojo.

I could see Mr. Williams felt sorry for me. I was a big kid but I was only nine years old and a major storm had hit Honolulu. Mr. Williams said, “Kid, I will let you take the wheelbarrow. Just bring it back. I don’t know what you did to make Sensei Kishi so upset!”

Well it helped a little but not a lot. Sand, rain, hard rain, a wheelbarrow and a kid pushing it for ten miles, well you can imagine. I was tired and mentally wasted. I cried a lot that day. I learned the lesson, never talk back and always respect your peers, but most important, never question or raise my voice to Sensei, for he is the teacher. Osu.

I finally got back to the dojo and was met by Sensei at the door. He looked at me and I broke down and cried again. I said I was sorry for my attitude and it would never happen again.

I believe that day changed my life. I can’t remember ever getting upset since that walk in the rain. Sensei Kishi and I bonded that stormy day like father and son. Oh, by the way, what happened to the forty brooms?

That night Sensei Kishi demonstrated Kyoshi-Jujitsu. He gave the brooms one at a time to each blackbelt present. Then he instructed each blackbelt to attack him with an overhead or thrusting strike, broom handle forward.

What I saw next I have never seen again in my entire world travels. He broke the brooms in half. The punch from the arm symbolized the attacking blow. He was so precise that he would break it low symbolizing the wrist and then high which would be the elbow breaking.

He stopped at thirty-nine and said, “Gary get the last broom and bring it to me now!” I was so scared and it was so silent you could hear a pin drop on the sand. Remember there were over thirty black belts there plus all the students. No one knew what my day had been like or the lesson that I had learned, but that was okay because I did learn.

So, I took the last broom, got into attack position and waited for Sensei to kia for my attack. I waited and waited. It seemed like forever. He moved, I screamed and thrust the broom forward as hard as I could with my body and soul. He caught the handle, flipped it over, swept me to the floor and was sweeping my face and body in about three seconds from the time I had thrust the broom at him. Wow! He could have broken my arm and taken me out of the picture. He helped me up, hugged me and we both said osu. For the very first time I realized what osu meant. RESPECT, RESPECT, RESPECT!

Then he gave me the unbroken broom and said, “Gary you will not forget this day for I would like for you to sweep the front area of the dojo everyday after school or until you leave.” The front of the dojo area was sand! I took the broom and said, “Yes sir sensei.” I swept the front area everyday until I was fourteen and left for the mainland.

When I left Hawaii in 1969 I had my blackbelt, a white gi, a 1969 Blackbelt Yearbook, a 5’8” cream Gorden and Smith Twin Fin surf board and that broken broom. Osu.

THE DRAW By Professor Gary Lee

Gary Lee Sword

In the sixties martial art weapons had not been introduced into martial arts events around the country, in fact the half time shows were either weapons demonstrations or self defense techniques displayed because they were spectacular to watch. Sooner or later producers got smart. The legendary karate Master, Sid Campbell was one of the first to introduce weapons competition on the west coast and the great Master Aaron Banks introduce weapons on the east coast.

One of the Museum of Sport Karate's™ all-time favorite martial arts weapons performers was was Hanshi Andrew Linick, who won countless weapon's kata championships. He would dazzle thousands of spectators with his flawless skill and his rare talent mystified audiences and judges alike. His Okinawan weapons expertise included: Nunchaku, Sai, Bo, Kama, Tonfa and Sword. Grandmaster Linick is known by his peers as the teacher's teacher or the Okinawan Weapon's Technician.

Some of the super stars of weapns in the sixties and seventies were Eric Lee, Al Dacascos,Tadashi Yamashita, Andrew Linick Ph.D, Hidy Ohcai, Dale Kirby, Cindy Rothrock, Mark Dacascos, James Lew, Phillip Koppel, James Cook and many, many others.

In the early seventies weapons had a division of their own and anything was allowed, Kung Fu, Staffs, Sai, all the Kobudo weapons, farm tools and even spears. At the 1981 Fort Worth Pro-Am, in Fort Worth, Texas, a competitor pulled a 357 Magnum pistol fill with blanks and shot at the judges. It was very loud and frighting. He was arrested, but it shook up the crowd. I hit the floor and dove behind a chair. I took third place that day. It was the loudest third place I had ever won.

To me, the most tenacious of all martial art weapons is the sword and I have studied it with great reverance. I have seen it used both in the past and in the present by many who compete or perform. So often I see it used improperly. It would make me nervous when I saw someone wearing a sword upside down or touching the blade, or letting some one touch the blade. It hurt to see them drop the blade, or cut himself or the uki. Sometimes the competitor would loose the blade and it would go into the audience and hit some innocent bystander! In those days there were no medics on hand and it was scary stuff.

The draw should be pure, touched by no one except the competitor and the owner of the sword. After you draw you clean your sword, oil your sword and clean your sword again. Why, because a good blade should be nourished, taken care of like a brother, with responsibility. The blade is your partner and you become one, because in a different time, your life depended on it.

I had a spectacular experience competing with the sword in Guatemala City in 1993. There were some 5,000 Guatemalens in the audience and their cheering was deafening. When I walked on stage and drew the sword, they became utterly silent, I could hear only the thunder, and the bright light of the lighting cracked around me in the huge outside dome. Special super star guest, Bill Ryusaki, said "I have never seen someone awe and quiet a huge crowd like this since Bruce Lee performed at the Long Beach Internationals. It was amazing!

There is always someone at a Sport Karate event if there is a weapons division that draws. You may not see him or know he is there, but if you disrespect his sword he will let you know, yes I said "his sword".

You never see the purest drawers competing at a sport karate event because drawing for them is not display. I do believe in competing with the sword and demonstrating the sword, Kubuki acting at it's finest, drawing at your best, but I understand those who do not wish to compete or perform in demonstrations as their's is a different world.

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